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Doing Business In Singapore

With new opportunities for worldwide trade expanding at an unparallel rate, there’s never been a better time to expand your company’s presence, market share, and potential profits abroad.

Singapore is a small city state. She has achieved tremendous success in many areas since independence in August 1965.

It is also a place where the East meets the West.

With it’s close proximity to the world’s largest growing internet markets of China, India and Indonesia, technopreneurs and network marketers should capitalise on it.

Many  Singaporeans, like me, benefited from the progress and prosperity since achieving nationhood.

Singapore arose from third world economy  to developed  one, enjoyed by the major western countries and it is still growing.

In the latest forecast by The Trade and Industry Ministry (MTI) for full-year 2013 growth, it expects the economy to expand by 3.5 per cent to 4 percent, up from the 2.5 per cent to 3.5 per cent tipped previously.

External, supports growth by the following

  • Manufacturing
  • Whole sale trade
  • transportation and storage

Internal, remains resilient by the following

  • Construction
  • Business Services


No one can say with certainty what future can behold of us.

However, one can predict that globalization offers businesspeople their best chance to participate in the economy of the 21st Century. None of us wants to be like that British businessman who found himself without an Empire to trade with.

Successful executives and entrepreneurs of the 21st Century will want to compete on a global scale, online and offline.

There are risks but the rewards of success of enterprise and diminish revenue by not taking action are ever greater.

It is important to have people resided in the country to make all the checks and balances before making big plan for expansion.

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