Productivity Toolkit

Why do we need to have one or more Productivity Toolkits?

Productivity Toolkit saves your time and money which you could use them somewhere more productively. Period.


How do you know you when you should use one?

You have more things to do but you’re struggling to complete even some of them.

Note:- We should treat each piece of work or chore as a project.


When is it a project?

In project management terms, a project is work that has a beginning and an end. It is planned & controlled and brought to a successful conclusion.

Some examples of projects are:

  • Planning a training session or conference
  • Refurbishing an office
  • Managing a computer installation programme
  • Moving office
  • Organising social club functions
  • Introducing new service
  • Making changes to a management structure or processes.

There is a saying, “Fail to plan, Plan to fail”.

Detailed planning begins with

Step 1 – Identify The Tasks

Step 2 – Place The Tasks In Logical Order

Step 3 – Study The Implications

Step 4 – Estimate Resource Requirements

Step 5 – Identify The Project Hierarchy

Step 6 – Clarify Who Can Make What Decisions

Step 7 – Monitoring And Controlling

Step 8 – Ground Rules

Extract from “Basic Project Management” by Norma Michael & Celia Burton.

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To get a better understanding of what project management is all about, click on the following short video on “Project Management In Under 8 minutes” by Mr. Chris Croft.

Not long ago, to do all the above was hardwork. To be in control and managed the project  successfully, you need to know how to use project and office softwares, many spreadsheets and complementary specialised softwares  to collect and store vast amount of project  documentation. Not an easy task.

Is it possible to have all the project scheduling, cost, resources, risks, issues, documentation and reporting all managed within  one user friendly softwares package?

Yes. Wait No More.


I have found these great and completely free project management tools, PROJECT in a box (PIAB) Community Edition for project Methodology and the Planner tool for tasks, risks an issues.  Please follow this link to register and download them:  

They are free to use and share.


If you need help to use the PIAB softwares, after purchasing products through my recommendation, please contact me for a Free 3 hrs Product training cum practice. It consists of project management fundamentals and how-to use of PIAB Community Edition softwares. This offer is currently applicable to Singapore Residents only.


One-to-One Individual, Personalized Coaching For You

Public Class are not for everyone!

If you would rather learn one on one with a trainer, like a personal coach, by your side, as you begin to practice and master the skills, then you are in the right place.

It may need anywhere from 4+ hours. We can arrange for multiple sessions for you.

Simply contact Reuben at +65 96431052 or email to us at, and let us know what you want to learn, and when.

This personalized, customized approach may work for many busy executives, CEOs and people in a hurry to just learn what they want, and be able to ask questions on the spot to solve any burning questions.

We charge on an hourly basis for such 1-1 trainings, with a minimum number of hours required to begin the engagement.

It consists of project management fundamentals and how-to use of PIAB Community Edition softwares. This offer is currently applicable to Singapore Residents only.

Hope this will be of immense use to you!



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