The Power Of Now

If I don’t ask you to pay attention to it right now, will you conscious of the following?

  • breathing air with your lungs
  • blood circulating inside your body organs
  • when you walk, certain parts of your body (legs, muscles & joints) have to work in tandem and in a correct sequence.

Your probably don’t  because your attention are consumed by your thoughts in your mind, at that time.

Lucky for all of us, all the body functions are taken care automatically by our sub-sconscious  mind, without our conscious input.

As to what we are thinking of, these are either on something that had happened to us in the past or something that we look forward to or fearful about in the future.

Unfortunately, the negative thoughts have a stronger hold of your attention, most of the time.

Our minds are in a continuous flux of thinking but not at present moment.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book, The Power Of NOW, writes that an individual should be aware of their “present moment” instead of losing themselves in worry and anxiety about the past or future.

According to the book, only the present moment is important.

The road is life.


Living life at the present moment.

“In the normal, mind-identified or unenlightened state of consciousness, the power and creative potential that lie concealed in the Now are completely obscured by psychological time. You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You can find yourself by coming into the present. Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.”

He gives instruction on how to achieve the NOW moment and points  a way out of suffering and into peace.

If you’re interested to read his book of the Power Of NOW, click below.


In my next blogpost in 7 days time, I will talk about Stephen Covey book on “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People”.


By from now.

Reuben H C Ong (a.k.a Reubeno)




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