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In last week’s blogpost, we looked at “The Power Of Now”. Living life in the present moment.

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This week topic is Prosperity and Good Health.

We can’t talk of the above without mentioning the importance of Positive Mental Health.

You’re going to bed and it’s quite late. But tomorrow morning, you have to wake up early to attend a very special A.M meeting.

So, tell yourself-I’ve got to get up at 6:00. absolutely.

The next morning, you awake with a jolt, at 6:00 a.m. If you ask around ten people you know, chances of. all of them have similar experiences.

Do you stop to think, “How did this happen?”

Research tells us more of this phenomena. It tells us that to the extent our thoughts and attitudes are negative, we may be sending message to every part of our body that encourages to every part of our body that encourage fatigue and illness. To the extent they are positive, we are sending messages that encourage energy and health.

(Extract from the Positive Living & Health by Mark Bricklin)

Positive Living and Health: The Complete Guide to Brain/Body Healing and Mental Empowerment


I am a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get. – Stephen Butler leacock, 1869-1944, Canadian economist and humorist.


Every man is the maker of his own fortune.- Sir Richard Steele, 1672-1729, Anglo-Irish essayist


If we are suffering illness, poverty, or misfortune, we think we shall be satisfied on the day it ceases. But there too, we know it is false; so soon as one has got used to not suffering one wants something else.   -Simone Well, 1909-43, French essayist and philosopher


Most of our adult lives are spent working. Taking into account commuting time, overtime, thinking about our jobs, and worrying over work, we spend more of our waking hours in the in the office, at the factory, on the road, behind the desk than we do at home. But too many of us find our jobs dull, laborious, and repetitive, an irritating necessity of life, like death and taxes. How many people have said, “I like the work but hate my job, ” or “how can I like my work? It’s just a job”.

The building blocks of the joy of working:

  • Don’t anticipate the worst – expect the best
  • A problem is a problem only if you want it to be. You can transform a problem into an opportunity
  • Focus on where you want to go rather than where you’re coming from
  • Learn from your successes as well as from your mistakes
  • Real success has little to do with a gifted birth, outstanding talent, or high intelligence
  • it make little difference what’s happening out there, it’s how you take it and what you make of it that counts
  • Happiness is not something owed you. Nobody is handed you on a silver platter. Instead, you make your own happiness, knowing it is an attitude, a habit gained from daily practice

Note:- The above on work attitude, are all extracted from the book, “The Joy of Working” by Denis Waitley.

If you like to learn more of “The Joy of Working”, click below.

The Joy of Working: The 30 Day System to Success, Wealth, and Happiness on the Job (A Larimi Communications book)


To have Prosperity and Good Health in your life, you need to take care of your mental state of mind and exercise good health practice daily.

You want to work, because you love to, not because you have to.


Next week, we will discuss on the topic, “The Believing Brain”.


Bye from now.

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