PC Goes Slow – Why?

Ever wonder what is happening inside the PC when you surf the internet, watch a video or using one of the office application software for work or personal chore?

The answer is a lot  of PC utility resources are being  used to perform the above mentioned task, such as

  • Installed program registry
  • hard disk – computer mode, economy or turbo speed
  • Usage data access and storage
  • Window Operating System, anti-virus softwares, web browser, etc. etc

What had happened after that?

Many became cached data in temporary storage or broken links that led to nowhere.  These unwanted storage data and broken links,  not only took up memory storage space but also resulting in slow response in fresh PC tasks.

Most  web-based softwares that perform PC utility maintenance have some or all of the following:-

  1. Clean registry
  2. Defragment Registry
  3. Remove broken shortcuts
  4. Clean up windows and programs
  5. Clean up browser
  6. Optimize system startup & shutdown
  7. Defragment hard disk

Not all commercially available Utility softwares are produced equal in performance and reliability. I had installed a few of them (no name here, for obvious reason). Many did quite well, in identification of problem areas, and fixing/repairing function. Most failed on having a strong and quick regime that clean up the complete system with one touch check and one touch clean up button.

If PC maintenance are not done on a regular basis, the problem adds up. PC starts to go slower and slower. And before you know it, the PC crashes. You’re forced to look for a new PC.  After sometime of new PC use, the whole cycle of peak to slow operation is being repeated.

Recently, I was thinking of replacing my slow PC, using a older version MS operating system with a newer one. Fortunate enough for me, I purchased and used One Touch TuneUp Utility Maintenance  for my old PC before sending it for scrap. It turned up that it worked wonderfully well, or should say, like new. Result, I had postponed my decision to purchase the latest model PC, in the time being.


If you’re currently using a PC with XP operating system, you may want to consider long term view of PC support.

Reason: Microsoft had declared that with effect from 8th April 2014, they would not provide any support or security updates for existing XP computers still in use. This meant that these PCs are not being protected from new malware and virus that appear in the internet from time to time. It can be mitigated with internet service provider’s anti-virus protection software, though this measure is not recommended in the long run.

If you still think it is worthwhile to keep those PCs/Laptops for  a longer period, then using TuneUp maintenance software may  provide you with a better user experience in speed of response in them.

Why not try this TuneUp maintenance software.

uneUp Utilities 2014 - Free download

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